【the Economist 読解】 「言わざる」になる日本のメディア

The media in Japan
Speak no evil (言わ猿、悪を言わず)
The Economist, May. 16, 2015

Discreet interventions by politicians have long been customary. But bullying recently broke into the open when a bureaucrat turned political gadfly, Shigeaki Koga, accused the government on a television show of strong-arming the media by securing his removal from “Hodo Station”, a news show owned by TV Asahi, a liberal broadcaster. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) promptly proved Mr Koga’s point by grilling the programme’s producers over the outburst under the auspices of Japan’s broadcast law.



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The Party v the people

Whatever their motivation, the protests present a troubling challenge for the Communist Party. They are _____ not just of uprisings that have toppled dictators in rent years from Cairo to Kiev, but also of the student protests in Tiananmen Square 25 years ago. (The Economist Oct. 4, 2014, p.13)

A) memorizing
B) remember
C) reminiscent
D) reminiscently

Ans. C) reminiscent:思い出させて Lv.9
   topple:ぐらつく、倒れる Lv.10

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Electric conductor

When Andris Nelsons takes the podium for his first official concert as music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra on Sep.27th, it will mark an end to more than three years in the wilderness for a venerable musical institution. The selection of the _____ Mr Nelsons seems calculated to banish memories of that period. (The Economist, Sep. 27, 2014, p.84)

A) ebullience
B) ebullient
C) ebulliently
D) ebulliate

B) ebullient: 大喜びで Lv.23
  banish: 追い払う

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No respite

Far from giving banks respite, they are toughening up old rules and _____ new ones, perhaps heralding a new wave of restructuring. (The Economist Sep. 27, 2014, p.71)

A) revising
B) devising
C) revise
D) devise

Ans. B) devising:工夫する、考案する Lv.4
  respite [re'spit]: 休息期間、猶予
  herald: 告知する、予告する

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Mission relaunched

America, meanwhile, seems swamped by the forces of disorder, either unable or unwilling to _____ a world that is spinning out of control. (The Economist Sep. 27, 2014, p.11)

A) stable
B) steady
C) stability
D) steadying

Ans: B) steady: 安定する Lv.3
   swamp: 押し寄せる Lv.5

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Balls in the air

To young Japanese, pachinko is a bit 1) _____, something your 2) _____ old uncle wastes his time with. (The Economist Sep. 27, 2014, p.66)

A) pleasure
B) pleased
C) naff
D) expensive

A) fusty
B) fun
C) fuss
D) fellow

Ans: 1) C) naff: 無価値な、役に立たない
  2) A) fusty: 古風で時代遅れの Lv.29

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Separatism after Scotland

Scotland's No to independence disappointed separatists everywhere. But it has _____ their desire to vote. (The Economist Sep. 27, 2014, p.58)

A) diminish
B) stroke
C) stoked
D) cheer

Ans: C) stoke: 火をたく、燃料をくべる Lv.10

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